Significant Forms

March 2 to June 9, 2024

Significant Forms pushes the boundaries of the traditional gallery, offering an immersive journey into the minds of seven influential contemporary Canadian artists whose work allows visitors to experience an unexpected, reimagined art space. Referencing the art and aesthetics theory introduced by twentieth-century critic and philosopher Clive Bell, the term “significant form” contends that the aesthetic merit of art is not contingent on its realistic depiction of the world but rather on the emotional quality of its form. The artists in Significant Forms highlight this nuanced and multi-faceted nature of artistic expression. Through the selected works of Wally Dion, Wanda Lock, Zachari Logan, Amanda McCavour, Samuel Roy-Bois, Andreas Rutkauskas, and Sami Tsang, the gallery transforms into a space of endless possibilities.

This selection of artists’ work defies the normal confines of the gallery space, with each installation pushing the limits of traditional shape and form. Through painting, drawing, embroidery, printmaking, photography, ceramics, and sculpture, each installation in this exhibition contributes to the gallery’s metamorphosis. Significant Forms invites visitors to engage with art beyond the conventional, encouraging contemplation, reflection, and a deep appreciation for the diverse range of aesthetic experience.



The Significant Forms exhibition catalogue is now available!

This 52 page, full-colour publication features a curatorial essay by Kelowna Art Gallery Curator, Christine May, and a contributed essay by Robin Laurence. It is also filled with beautiful installation photos by Yuri Akuney, Digital Perfections.

Purchase your copy at the gallery.

$12 for members ($15 for non-members)





Significant Forms Artist Interview Series; Zachari Logan

Significant Forms Artist Interview series; Wanda Lock

Significant Forms Artist Interview Series; Andreas Rutkauskas

Significant Forms Artist Interview Series; Sami Tsang

Significant Forms Artist Interview Series; Samuel Roy-Bois

Video created by Lorenz Plourde (



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