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The Kelowna Art Gallery and Jennifer Smith have drawn the line.

The Kelowna Art Gallery has invited reporter, writer and columnist Jennifer Smith, to take the six-week art class, Drawing for the Absolute Beginner, and document her experiences.

Whether you’re the creator of masterpieces, a student of art, or just interested in a good story, we invite you to come along for the ride with Jennifer Smith in this six-part series of articles entitled Draw the Line.

Draw the Line – Week #1
Rena Warren renders Kelowna Art Gallery students artistic
There’s something about taking an art class that’s just appealing and, as my art teacher, Rena Warren, fully admits, incredibly intimidating. … read more

Draw the Line – Week #2
Draw the Line: Jennifer Smith continues her Kelowna Art Gallery classes
There was a time when at maximum frustration, temper raging, tears flying with no one understanding your perspective, most of us could calm down with a pad of paper and good green crayon. … read more

Draw the Line – Week #3
Kelowna Art Gallery lesson draws a new take on life
Half the fun of going to an art gallery is listening to the people around you talk about what they’re seeing.
Everyone has their own unique take on art, just as people always tell a story in their own distinct way. It’s one of the first things you learn as a reporter or writer.
… read more

Draw the Line – Week #4
Draw the Line: Kelowna Art Gallery students work a tough project
There are researchers looking at the toxicity of our tears my art teacher tells us as we settle in to resurrect a drawing that honestly might make one cry. … read more

Draw the Line – Week #5
Draw the Line: In appreciation of the pencil
Your cheesegrater is art. So is that cake form you never use and the cutlery in your drawers. At the risk of pointing out the obvious, one of the main things I’ve learned from my art class is that it doesn’t take much to add a spark of creativity to your life. … read more

Jennifer Smith is a reporter, writer and columnist for the Kelowna Capital News. She has worked as a feelancer in papers and magazines throughout B.C. for a decade and loves covering arts, culture and quirky tales from all facets of life.

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