Family Sundays

Join us every Sunday between 12 and 4 pm for an exciting art-making experience.

Welcome to Family Sundays, our weekly art making program designed for children and their families to explore the world of art hands-on at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Since 1997, we have welcomed the public every Sunday to engage in creative activities and explore current exhibitions. Through helpful instruction, age-appropriate information, and a diverse range of activities, Family Sundays makes art accessible to all ages and abilities. Cost: $5 per participant.

Contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 for more information. Click here to receive updates and information about Family Sundays art activities.

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January 27 | Around the House Sculptures
Inspired by the work of Roland Brener, featured in the exhibition The Poetics of Space, participants will use an assortment of common household items to construct a unique sculptural work.

February 3 | Animated Flipbooks
Using the video projections and natural imagery in the exhibition Journey of a Pod as their guide, young artists will create a moving animated image using an assortment of drawing materials and a flipbook animation technique.

February 10 | XOXO Watercolour Cards
This week, young artists will explore a simple watercolour painting technique using linear patterns to create a lovely personalized card, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

February 17 | Cartography 101
By creating personalized maps using a diverse range of drawing materials, this week participants will discover concepts of physical space and home inspired by the exhibition The Poetics of Space.

February 18 | Special Family Day
Join us on Monday, February 18, from 10 am to 4 pm, for a special Family Day activity.

February 24 | Fun with Photomontage
This week participants will dive into the concept of photo-montage by creating a composite image from multiple photographs and illustrations. This technique is used by local artist Fern Helfand in her exhibition Okanagan Log Pile, which is currently featured at the Gallery’s airport satellite space.

March 3 | Playing with Patterns
Taking inspiration from the patterns featured in Tania Willard’s courtyard installation Gut Instincts, young artists will use yarn and a foamcore base to construct a tactile patterned masterpiece.

March 10 | Architects at Work
This week participants will explore Alex Morrison’s series titled, Every House I’ve Ever Lived in Drawn From Memory, featured in the exhibition The Poetics of Space. Using Morrison’s images of home as our starting point, participants will create their own study of a home using chalk pastels and toned drawing paper.

March 17 | The Magic of Gouache
Young artists will explore the exciting medium of gouache, which is a paint similar to watercolour. Participants will create object study paintings inspired by works of art featured in the exhibition Our Lives Through Our Eyes: Nk’Mip Children’s Art.

March 24 | Button Making Workshop
This week young artists will create custom buttons inspired by the works of David Wilson, whose exhibition Water Travels a Cycle is now featured at the Gallery’s airport satellite space. Drawing materials will be used to create a small circular image that references Wilson’s aesthetic, before transforming it into a unique wearable work of art using a button making machine.

March 31 | Brush Free Painting
Explore the wonderful world of brush-free painting using eye droppers, vivid fluid-acrylic paints, and watercolour paper. For this week’s activity, young artists will use Landon Mackenzie’s work, featured in The Poetics of Space exhibition, as their muse to create vibrant abstract masterpieces.

April 7 | Painting in the Round
Using the circular motif that David Wilson uses in his exhibition Water Travels a Cycle at the Gallery’s airport satellite space, young artists will create a small circular painting on canvas using acrylic paints and imagery from nature.

April 14 | Shoebox Spaces
Based on the ideas of space explored within the exhibition The Poetics of Space, participants will use shoeboxes, decorative papers, and drawing materials to create a unique 3D diorama of a place from their imagination.

April 21 | Spring Tote Bags
To celebrate Easter weekend, young artists will create one-of-a-kind tote bags using a monoprinting technique. Pastel and neon printmaking inks will be applied to a plexi-glass plate and run through a printing press to transfer a spring image onto the tote bag.

April 28 | Community Canvas
This week young artists will explore the theme of community for this year’s Art in Action student exhibition. A large canvas, painting materials, and a mystery jar of creative prompts will be provided to create a large-scale collaborative work of art. This activity is intended to encourage interaction among participants. *Additional smaller canvases will be available should participants want to create a work to take home.

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