Artists Among Us 2015

Art Across the Generations
Canadian Mental Health Association
September 19 to October 8, 2015


The Artists Among Us exhibition is a celebration of recovery and wellness for people with lived experience of mental health concerns. This year’s show features works of art created in CMHA’s ArtWorks Studio, by youth, adults, and seniors, demonstrating the power of art to promote wellness, belonging, and hope across the generations.

The ArtWorks Studio is a safe and welcoming space for those who wish to learn new skills and have an avenue for self-expression. It is a place where we nurture the creative spirit and honour the whole person. Many participants of the ArtWorks Studio have overcome isolation, experienced connection and community, and achieved a sense of belonging and purpose.

Local artists Tina Siddiqui, Lynne Turner, Amy Burkard, and Natasha Harvey, are some of the talented instructors who worked with the ArtWorks Studio artists to create these pieces. It is only through the dedication of these local artists, our volunteers, and the generous support and donation from the Kelowna Art Gallery, City of Kelowna, Athena Custom Framing, and sponsorship by MNP, that CMHA’s Artists Among Us 2015 could be experienced by the greater community.

It is our hope that visitors to the exhibition will be challenged in their assumptions about people with mental health concerns. We all have a connection to mental health. Removing the stigma, or the negative associations with mental illness, is the best way to reduce barriers to wellness and achieve a mentally healthier society.




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