Amy Modahl: Where the Heart Is

January 16 to March 27, 2016


The notion of home is a rich one, full of various sorts of associations for different people. Home can be a vision of a beautiful and calm refuge, a well-designed, tidy and welcoming place. In reality, we often end up with stuff piled up here and there, a long to-do list on the fridge, and nothing much to eat inside the fridge – not the environment we dream about. It is this schism or disconnect that Modahl has set out to explore in her new body of work. She will include a group of small framed works on paper on one wall, which will make reference to advertising and home tips publications. On the opposite wall, and wrapping around the corner of the room, will be a colourful, site-specific line drawing painted directly on the wall.

Amy Modahl was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin before coming to Vancouver to live in the year 2000. Then in 2010 she relocated to the BC interior. As well as having degrees in fine art, she is a linguist, and teaches in Linguistic Anthropology and Anthropology at the UBCO in Kelowna, and Okanagan College in Vernon. Modahl lives and works in Salmon Arm, BC.



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