Valerie Rogers: Lift Off and Soar

May 11 to November 9, 2015
at the Kelowna International Airport

(click image for larger version)

Valerie Rogers is a highly-skilled wildlife artist who lives and works in Salmon Arm, BC. She has trained with several professional artists and has won numerous awards for her work. Her installation at the Kelowna International Airport will consist of seven panels painted with acrylic on canvas. They will depict a small flock of Canada Geese flying up from the water into the sky. The panels will be staggered in height to greater emphasize the notion of lift off. Rogers’ subject is one that is not exclusive to the Okanagan and is bound to find resonance with many people from other places in North America who are coming through the airport.

Detail of one portion of the installation of paintings being completed by artist Valerie Rogers for the Gallery’s satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport.

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