Daphne Odjig: Selected Works

September 6 to 17, 2011

The Kelowna Art Gallery is pleased to present this small but comprehensive selection of original works of art by Canada’s celebrated Daphne Odjig. Born in 1919 in Ontario, Odjig is of mixed Native and European descent. She has been making art since she was a small child, and has focused on First Nations themes in her work since the 1960s.

Odjig has said of the creative process that is within each of us:

As an artist and as a person I have been impressed since childhood with the process that takes us from the inner image to the external reality of an image. For me it has been an endless source of delight and wonderment that awareness, thoughts, and recognitions can come seemingly unbidden from an inner source that, in adulthood, I learned to call the unconscious. I know now that every one of us is a fusion of the eternal, of ancestral wisdom, a seer of the future. Some part of us remains capable of responding to the here and now with originality.

Odjig has been the recipient of numerous honours and awards and her work has been widely exhibited, including in a travelling solo show organized by the National Gallery of Canada in 2009.

Special thanks to Odjig Arts and Stewart Turcotte at Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna.

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