Sharni Pootoogook: Creatures, Shadows, and Dreams | Travelling Exhibition

The life and work of Sharni Pootoogook (1922–2003), though still largely unexplored, draws clear and fundamental connections between first-generation artists in Kinngait and the current trends in Inuit graphic art. Her bold designs helped to shape and inform the course of Inuit printmaking during a period of great turmoil that threatened the Inuit’s land, culture, and traditional language.

Drawn from the Kelowna Art Gallery’s Permanent Collection, this exhibition includes works on paper that feature Pootoogook’s trademark style of heavy line work and well-balanced design. Blurring the border between human and animal, the spiritual and the visceral, Pootoogook’s work creates space for wonder and uncertainty.


Summer 2024 – Ongoing


  • Includes: 22 framed works on paper
  • Exhibition texts and labels
  • A selection of images for media use with copyright clearance
  • Space Requirements: Approximately 500 square feet (75 running feet)


  • $5,000 + pro-rated shipping and applicable taxes
  • Fine art insurance

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