Nikki Middlemiss: Scaffolding for Minutiae

July 15 to September 24, 2017

This Montreal-based artist will be exhibiting labour-intensive works on paper that will float from the walls out into the viewers’ space. They are subtle and tactile, and create an effect that is ethereal yet embodied. Middlemiss creates these works by carefully pouring and maneuvering wet media onto her sheets of tracing paper. She continues this, using paint or ink thinned with water, which creates tracks and ridges along the surface of the sheet. This process is tricky and challenging, but one that she finds rewarding in its effects, despite its challenges. Her work can be seen in the context of labour-intensive, process-oriented art, which has its roots in the modern period in Minimalist art of the 1970s. There is no imagery in her work; the marks are generated directly from the process used to create them. Yet, there is a calm and meditative mood produced in the exhibition. The works are titled Scaffolding for Minutiae, due to the structure of a grid that gradually emerges from her process. This is an exhibition that must be encountered in the real – reproductions cannot capture its surface and subtleties.

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Middlemiss has a BFA from the University of Ottawa. She has been living and working in Montreal as an artist since the year 2000, where she is actively exhibiting.

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 15, 1 to 3 pm
This is a free event and open to the public.

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