Members Exhibition: Undressed

June 19 to September 12, 2021

Kato Rempel, Luminous (detail), 2020, oil on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.


Undressed features the work of sixty-three members who support the ongoing work of the Gallery by being a part of our growing membership.
For thousands of years, the human form has fascinated visual artists and inspired countless historical and contemporary works of art. Through every era, representations of the nude have reflected changes in cultural attitudes towards sexuality, gender roles, and social structures.

Undressed presents an artistic exploration of the bare human form as interpreted by Gallery members through a variety of mediums.




Brenda Alguire
Darryl Andrews
Taylor Baptiste
Jeanne Bates
Lynden Beesley
Charlene Blais
E. Diane Blakeley
Monica Burnside
Jaine Buse
Suzanne Chavarie
John Cochrane
Dianne Davis
Jackie Deck
Catherine Doherty
Renata Escodro
Bonnie Esson
Pam Fennell
Isabella Ford
Bev Gordon
Kenna Graff
Rocio Graham
Francine Gravel
Michael Griffin
Judith Hamilton
Clea Haugo
Michelle Hunt
Bernice E. James
Pinky Jay
Maureen Kaczkowski
Jordan Keij
Faith Livingstone
PJ Lockhart
Marguerite MacIntosh
Shirley McMahon
Charles McQuiggin
Betty Morrison
Emil Nagy
Audrey Neal
Sarah Neely
Elma Eidse Neufeld
Tanya Nijjar
Nikkala Niro
Klaudia Niwa
Nela Odarijew
Gloria Pada
Kaj Paget
Gary Pearson
Gareth Peron
Rubi Pollock
Susan Protsack
Kato Rempel
Kathryn Ross
Anke Sabo
Kaylyne Seguin
Leona Senez
Tina Siddiqui
Annabel Stanley
Morgan Taylor
Avery Ullyot-Comrie
Sophie Vinette
Karla Warkotsch

A digital catalogue of the exhibition is now available.

Click to view and download the PDF


Dianne Davis, Reposing (detail), 2020, pen and ink on paper. Courtesy of the Artist.

Marguerite MacIntosh, Esme, 2021, block print. Courtesy of the Artist.

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