look don’t look | Travelling Exhibition

In this exhibition of recent work by Vancouver-based artist Barrie Jones, visitors are invited to explore how technology mediates our intimate relationships and the way social media has changed how we express ourselves. Jones has built a diverse career in exploring the spirit and attitudes of young people, and this new body of work continues to highlight the complicated dynamics of relationships, while creating interventions between the subject and the viewer. Using video and projection, look don’t look features young people, often hired actors, who were asked to perform different emotions or expressions, leaving the audience to wonder if the resulting imagery is staged or authentic. The five-video works featured in this exhibition aim to drive connections and spark conversation, providing a much-needed public context for visitors to explore the relationship between artist and subject, actor and audience, and the many ways technology continues to impact our social connections.


Summer 2024 – Ongoing


  • Includes: 5 video works (dual-monitor installation and projection)

Exhibition texts and labels

A selection of images for media use with copyright clearance

  • Space Requirements: Approximately 500 square feet
  • Tech Requirements: 7 monitors and one projector


  • $5,000 + applicable taxes (KAG will pay artist fee)
  • Copies of catalogue produced in conjunction with tour available for purchase by touring venue (approximately $3/copy)

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