Heidi Thompson: OK Sunshine

May 9 to November 7, 2016
at the Kelowna International Airport

[click image for larger version]

Artist Heidi Thompson is based in the north Okanagan Valley. She was trained in Europe in the 1970s and 80s, and works as an abstract painter. In her multi-panelled installation she has set out to convey the feeling and quality of the light in the Okanagan summer. As people pass by the painted panels on their way to the security check area of the departures wing at the airport, they may perhaps get a sense of the Okaganan from her work.

Thompson was born in Vernon and has been living in Coldstream since 1982, where she has worked as an art educator and illustrator. Thompson is the editor of the award-winning book Recapitulation: A Journey, by Sveva Caetani, who was a Vernon-based artist.



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