From Warhol to Banksy

May 21 to October 16, 2022
Treadgold/Bullock Gallery

From Warhol to Banksy invites visitors to view works of art that define the Pop Art movement and highlights the careers of some of the art world’s most iconic figures. This exhibition will feature over 120 works by artists Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Takashi Murakami, Banksy, and Mr. Brainwash.

Pop Art, known for its commentary on consumerism, social consciousness, and, more recently, activism, is not just a phenomenon of the 1960s. The evolution of Pop Art, from Andy Warhol’s infamous Marilyn Monroe screen prints to Banksy’s guerilla street art, has completely blurred the lines between high and low art. Through a selection of prints, paintings, sculpture, and ephemera, visitors will see first-hand how Pop Art continues to critique our world and challenges us to think about the issues that persist in our everyday life.

Courtesy of the Paul and Tracy Mitchell Collection


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Melissa Mednicov: Listening to Pop Art: Then and Now
Thursday, August 18 | 5 to 6 pm
In this lecture, Mednicov welcomes us to look at and listen to the Kelowna Art Gallery’s current art exhibition From Warhol to Banksy. Through the interdisciplinary approach of Jukebox Modernism, we will learn how to understand Pop art through its music and sounds.

From Warhol to Banksy Lecture Series: Adam Melnyk
Thursday, September 22 | 6 to 7 pm
More info to come.

From Warhol to Banksy Lecture Series: Patrick Moore
Thursday, October 13 | 6 to 7 pm
More info to come.



Join curator and writer, Jon Davies, as he takes viewers through an exciting lecture titled, “Andy Warhol and Queer Culture.” His presentation looks at Warhol’s art – with specific attention to his groundbreaking and expansive cinema practice – through the lens of queer culture, history, and sociality.


Join us for a private tour with avid art collector and lawyer Paul Mitchell as he shows us around the Kelowna Art Gallery’s current exhibition From Warhol to Banksy. Tune in to learn more about the featured artists, the history of Pop-Art, and even a little bit about the world of art collecting!




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