Installation works by Gisele Amantea, Yael Brotman, Libby Hague,
and Laura Vickerson

February 4 to April 16, 2017


This exhibition features the work of four women artists who are from different regions of Canada, but all of whom work in installation. The title of the show, Fabrications, refers to the very physical making of things, as each of the artists is involved in incredibly labour-intensive processes to realize the completion of her pieces. Yael Brotman, from Toronto, and Libby Hague, also from Toronto, both have a background in printmaking, but moved into installation several years ago. Hague still works with paper, and Brotman is using plastics for the work commissioned for this exhibition. From Calgary, Laura Vickerson will be installing an enormous suspended fabric environment. And Montreal’s Gisele Amantea will be working with a text piece that involves her signature medium of flocking.

Viewers will feel immersed in the large scale of these installations, each reflecting a completely different sensibility. All four artists address the notion of beauty at some level, and visitors may find themselves mulling over this concept as well.

A major publication is planned with a text by Kelowna Art Gallery Curator, Liz Wylie, and another text by guest essayist, independent curator and writer Diana Sherlock, from Calgary.

Opening Reception
Friday, February 3, 2017, 7 to 9 pm
This is a free event, open to members and guests by invitation.

Panel Discussion
Saturday, February 4, 2017, 2 to 4 pm
A panel discussion will take place with artists Yael Brotman, Libby Hague, and Laura Vickerson. Moderated by Diana Sherlock.


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