Aunaray Clusiau: Sea Song

November 9, 2015 to May 9, 2016
at the Kelowna International Airport

SEA SONG panoramic_w
Click image for a larger version. Photo by Kyle L. Poirier

Peachland-based artist Aunaray Clusiau will be producing our next commission at our satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport. Without making specific reference to Okanagan Lake, Clusiau will be creating a giant blue-hued semi-abstract painting that will be an homage to water. She is envisioning an overall wave-like form that will cascade from left to right across a matrix of seven five-by-five-foot-square wooden panels, mounted as a continuous mural. One might think of the 18th-century Japanese artist Hokusai and his famous Great Wave work in block print, but Clusiau’s work will be created in a more contemporary syntax. Her wave will be a visual metaphor, not a realistic depiction, and will be modeled in depth with acrylic medium on her custom-made wood panels. The artist wants the visual metaphor to extend into making reference to the sound of waves, their rhythm on a beach, thus her painting’s title, Sea Song. Water is a timely theme, and relevant to the Okanagan, where we are beginning to consider our use of water, especially in light of the drought in California.

Clusiau was born and raised in Toronto, then attended Emily Carr University in Vancouver. Her work is represented by Hambleton Galleries in Kelowna, and by the Avens Gallery in Canmore, Alberta, the Latitude Art Gallery in Calgary, and the Lloyd Gallery in Penticton.

Installation photo by Clea Haugo

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