as water does with the moon

Moozhan Ahmadzadegan 
January 31 to May 27, 2022
The Glass Gallery

Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, as water does with the moon, 2022, acrylic and phosphorescent pigment powder with acrylic medium on canvas


as water does with the moon is a narrative-based installation influenced by traditional Persian poetry and the art that often accompanied such stories. Ahmadzadegan is interested in following the traditional art of illuminated manuscripts and Persian miniatures. These historic, intricate artworks were often about love and frequently included fauna and flora as metaphors or tools to drive the narrative. Ahmadzadegan presents elements of a story using a simplified rendering and invites viewers to create a narrative based on their interpretation. The phosphorescent medium allows the imagery to illuminate in the dark, activating the work both during the day and the night. Using traditional imagery, Ahmadzadegan recreates past stories and presents them in a contemporary context by continuing his explorations into Persian forms of art as a means of cultural connection and expression.  



Moozhan Ahmadzadegan is an emerging artist based on the unceded and traditional territory of the Syilx people, also known as the Okanagan. His practice engages personal and social inquiry as a means to navigate themes of identity and social topics through visual and conceptual materials, most often employing the mediums of painting and screen-printing. Ahmadzadegan’s work explores themes of activism, cross-cultural expression, queerness, Iranian diaspora, and connection. This broad spectrum of ideas informs the basis of his practice and serve as a point of access to deepen his understanding of current social topics. Through a studio-based research approach; he creates from abstracted ideas, allowing intersecting notions to come together in conceptually based works with a visual presence. Ahmadzadegan’s interests lie in how we respond to and engage with the social and cultural systems that affect personhood. He uses his practice as an opportunity to be self-reflective, develop cross-cultural expressions, and foster connection.




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