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 AppetiteforArt2015_BALEHOWSKY_Kelsie_w Kelsie Balehowsky
Early Morning through the Pinhole, 2015
Pinhole photograph and drawing on vellum with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Kelsie Balehowsky was born in Canada, and spent a portion of her childhood in Saudi Arabia. After some wandering around the globe she now finds herself living in Kelowna. Kelsie is an award-winning photo-based artist, printmaker, art instructor, and avid arts advocate. She completed her BFA at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2014. She has exhibited her work locally and internationally. The themes of her work to date include landscape, technology, and community.
 AppetiteforArt2015_BEESLEY_Lynden_w Lynden Beesley
There are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden, 2015
Mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches (with extensions)
Lynden is based in the Okanagan and is active in the arts community. Currently she is the secretary for the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society, a retired docent from the Kelowna Art Gallery, and a member of Ars Longa artists’ group. Lynden is also a Canadian delegate to the International Medal Federation, FIDEM.Lynden is a sculptor and a printmaker. Many of her pieces depict gardens or grace gardens. Her recent work Hortus Conclusus was exhibited for the past year in the courtyard of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Lynden’s work is produced at her home studio Atelier Pom and at Pyramid Bronze works.
 AppetiteforArt2015_BURKARD_Amy_w Amy Burkard
Dance Together Now and Forever, 2015
Wool fibre and mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Amy Burkard is a Kelowna-based artist who has been presenting work professionally for over eleven years. Originally from Courtenay, BC, Amy completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, in 2003. She has worked in many different media over her artistic career and is currently working with wool fibre and clay. Her work has been included in exhibitions at the Kelowna Art Gallery, in a solo show at the Vernon Public Art Gallery, and in exhibitions in Penticton, Summerland Galleries, and Texas. Her art pieces are sought after by private collectors and galleries alike. Her distinctive style has even caught the eyes of international celebrities.
 AppetiteforArt2015_CHARLESWORTH_Conner_w Connor Charlesworth
Enter, Light, 2015
Oil on canvas with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Connor Charlesworth was born in Kelowna and is currently in his last year in fine art at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus. His current interests centre on how we engage and interact with the natural world, and how painting as a mode of representation is able to capture moments and construct narratives. His work in art history and contemporary theory direct much of his current research.
 AppetiteforArt2015_GAGNON_Sara_w Sara Gagnon
The Quail’s Song, 2015
Mixed media and shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Born and raised in Kelowna, Sara Gagnon interprets her love for God’s creation through visual art and photography. Sara finds inspiration at home, in the beautiful Okanagan, and abroad from her many world travels. Sara is a two-time national award winner of the Robert Bateman Art Contest. In addition to creating, Sara teaches art classes for beginning artists of all ages
 AppetiteforArt2015_HAUGO_Clea_w Clea Haugo
Time Capsule, 2015
Mixed media and shadow box,
14 x 11 ½ inches (irregular)
Clea Haugo has recently moved to Kelowna and is currently Registrar at the Kelowna Art Gallery. She has a BFA with a joint major in Studio Art and Art History from Concordia University in Montreal. She also has an Advanced Honours Diploma in Applied Museum Studies, from Algonquin College in Ottawa. She was the co-founder of an artists’ collective and a participating artist featured in the Nuit Blanche festival of arts and culture in Montreal. She works as an artist and also does custom illustration and calendar and greeting card design. She is fascinated by urban decay and industrial history. She has exhibited her work in galleries in Quebec and Ontario.
 AppetiteforArt2015_HAWKES_Erika_w Erica Hawkes
Almost Gone, 2015
Acrylic with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Erica Hawkes studied art and design at the Colorado Institute of Art, and at Vancouver Community College. She has worked in a variety of media, including pencil, watercolour, pen-and-ink, oil, and acrylic. She draws inspiration from the Group of Seven and the Art Nouveau movement, as well as the minimal aesthetic of Japanese design. Hawkes has worked as a portrait artist, book illustrator, and photographer. She sets out to create art that is unique and memorable. Erica Hawkes lives and works in Kelowna.
 AppetiteforArt2015_JOHNSTAD_Byron_w Byron Johnstad
Kelowna Butterfly, 2015
Mixed media with extended shadow box,
21 x 21 inches
Born & raised in Chicago, Byron Johnstad was influenced by that city’s long tradition of creative architecture and design. Byron studied Fine Craft & Design and has a BFA (Art Institute of Chicago) and an MFA (California College of Arts & Crafts). In 1967, this artist/designer moved to Vancouver to begin a long career as a Canadian teacher, craftsman/designer, interior/design entrepreneur, and exhibition curator, before retiring in 1997, when he began painting on canvas. Byron has lived in Kelowna since 2007 and for five years taught History & Design at the Centre for Arts and Technology/Okanagan.
 AppetiteforArt2015_LOCK_Wanda_w Wanda Lock
Tuesday Afternoons, 2015
Mixed media and found objects with extended shadow box, irregular, and with extensions
Wanda Lock was born in Oliver, British Columbia in 1969. In 1989 she studied at Okanagan College and then transfered to Emily Carr College of Art and Design, where she graduated in 1992 with a studio major in painting. Lock returned to the Okanagan in 1992 and since then she has had numerous exhibitions including, Sotto Voce, at Lake Country Art Gallery in 2014, Tall Tales at the St Albert Art Gallery in 2013, Terroir:Physically Speaking,at the Penticton Art Gallery in 2013, Flying Machines and Poems Sung by Strangers, at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s Satellite Gallery at the Kelowna International Airport in 2013, and Personal Topographies, a group show at the Kelowna Art Gallery in 2012.
 AppetiteforArt2015_LUJAN_Hanss_w Hanss Lujan
Wanderlust, 2015
Photograph and thread with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Hanss Lujan is a twenty-four-year-old artist from Cusco, Peru. He recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture. Lujan’s photo-based work is inspired by the mix of culture and spirituality found in Peru. His research topics include transcendence and the exploration of memory.
 AppetiteforArt2015_MACKIE_Jolene_w Jolene Mackie
untitled, 2015
Mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Jolene Mackie is an artist living and working in Kelowna BC. Her current series of work bridges her fascination with the great unknowns – such as the sea and the sky. By exploring these themes Mackie takes the opportunity to reflect on the brevity of human existence, and finds joy and whimsy in the imagination. It is easy to be humbled by the expanses of space and time – while art is something that can ground us as humans in the present moment.
 AppetiteforArt2015_MCCARRELL_Sue_w Susan McCarrell
Threat of a Storm, 2015
Mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Susan McCarrell works in mixed-media collage. She is interested in exploring sentimentality about the past, and uses new techniques made possible by advances in technology to express her vision. In either acrylic or oil she pushes the limits of her media, using new materials and the richness of personal and historical images in unexpected ways. She likens her process to construction, as she produces her paintings with an organic process.McCarrell lives and works in Oilver, BC. Her work can be found at Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton, and Hillside Winery, Naramata.
 AppetiteforArt2015_NEAL_Fiona_w Fiona Neal
Without, 2015
Acrylic on canvas with shadow box,
36 x 18 inches with shadow box overlay
Fiona Neal is based in West Kelowna. She studied at the Bourneville College of Art in the UK and then for her BFA at Sheffield Hallam University. She came to live in the Okanagan in 2003, where she has been exhibiting often. Her work is held in private and corporate collections in Canada and internationally. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and of the Westside Artists group. She teaches workshops throughout the Okanagan.
 AppetiteforArt2015_OUDENDAG_Carney_w Carney Oudendag
Softy Round Your Dreaming Head, 2015
Mixed media and shadow box,
10 x 10 inches, with extensions
Carney Oudendag is a Kelowna-based artist. Formerly she lived and worked in Calgary, Vancouver, and Invermere. She studied at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, the University of Calgary, and the University of British Columbia. She is a full member of the Alberta Society of Artists. Her primary inspiration for her richly textured, mixed-media works are her hoards of papers, found objects, ephemera and art materials. She enjoys working with time-worn and distressed items to lend a feeling of nostalgia to her pieces.
 AppetiteforArt2015_POIRIER_Kyle_w Kyle L. Poirier
The Spell of London, 2015
Acrylic and mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Kyle L. Poirier is a Kelowna-based artist and graphic designer. Since graduating from the University of British Columbia Okanagan with a BFA in 1999, Poirier has worked in Kelowna’s arts community as a graphic designer, both for the Kelowna Art Gallery and on a freelance basis. Recently, Kyle was the recipient of the award for Graphic Arts at the 8th annual Okanagan Arts Awards.
 AppetiteforArt2015_RANNEY_Liz_w Liz Ranney
The Goldfinch, 2015
Mixed media and shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Liz Ranney is an art explorer. She graduated with a BFA from UBCO in 2012. She has been an instructor of art classes both in the Okanagan, and internationally. Some of her recent projects include large-scale commissioned murals made in collaboration with her husband Dylan Ranney (MYNT), illustrating and publishing a poetry collection for Diane Larsback (Raven’s Heart), and being published as a featured artist in WeMakeStuff (Vol.2), as well as in Class Magazine (Issue 1). Ranney is a painter, media artist, and illustrator. Her art is as much about self expression as it is about engaging a viewer. Working primarily as a portrait artist, Ranney uses mixed media. Her works contain traces of the abstract, as she weaves in elements of drawing, resulting in an amalgamation of loose movements and detailed expressions. Her art is centered on community, connection, and exploration.
 AppetiteforArt2015_SLOAN_Kristine_w Kristine Sloan
Midnight Stroll, 2015
Acrylic with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Kristine Sloan was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1973. As a child, she couldn’t stop doodling in class and kept coloring outside of the lines. She moved to Kelowna in 1991 and took every art class available, but didn’t pursue her love of the arts until 2009, after a year of personal misfortune and heartbreak. She found an outlet in several different art classes. From there, a frenzy of styles and masterpieces flowed through into her work. Sloan tends not to stick to just one theme or medium, but continues to go beyond her boundaries and explores new-found techniques with freedom as never before.
 AppetiteforArt2015_SPANZA_Leanne_w Leanne Spanza
The Trestles, 2015
Acrylic with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches
Leanne Spanza is a self-taught Lake Country-based artist who is originally from North Vancouver. She has been exhibiting her work professionally since 2010, and has been painting in her signature style for the past ten years. Inspired by British Columbia’s valleys, mountains, and lakes, as well as the Pacific Ocean, she focuses on simple lines and bold colours to capture the landscapes.
 AppetiteforArt2015_WESSELS_Johann_w Johann Wessels
Mystery Box, 2015
Mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches with extensions
Johann Wessels was born in 1960 in the small town of Bloemfontein in South Africa. After completing high school and compulsory military service he received a BA in fine arts. He then taught art at the university level in South Africa, before coming to Canada in 1999. He lived in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for ten years, working in the television and film industries. He has lived in Penticton, working as an artist since 2011. Wessels is a Canadian citizen.

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