Jim Kalnin: Pulse

November 14, 2011 to May 7, 2012

Oyama, BC-based artist Jim Kalnin is something of an institution in the Okanagan Valley. He arrived here from various peregrinations in the mid-1980s, and taught studio classes at Okanagan College beginning in 1987, until his retirement from UBCO in 2009. Kalnin is passionate about many things, and his enthusiasm made him a popular teacher. He brings his love of nature and outdoor life to his work as an artist, and in Pulse, he wants the departing passengers at YLW to consider their journeys on this planet we live on. Kalnin says that his own recent travels have made him increasingly aware that we all live and must manage on this one planet. Thus, his work addresses both the power and vulnerability of nature, and the importance of our relationship with it.

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