Donors and Sponsors 2022
As printed in the Kelowna Art Gallery 2022 Annual Report

The Kelowna Art Gallery acknowledges the generosity of those patrons, corporations and
members, that have contributed to the Gallery. These annual gifts are critical to sustaining
the high calibre of collections, programs and exhibitions for which the Kelowna Art Gallery
is known.


Patricia Ainslie
Theresa Arsenault
Alberto Azzi
Lisanne Ballantyne
Stephanie & George Barnes
Marion Barschel
Lynden Beesley
Garry Benson
Pirjo Boucher
Robert Burge
Bob & Suzanne Chavarie
John Cochrane
Michael & Mary Cocivera
Jean-Anne Copley
Ian & Susan Crichton
Richard & Mary-Ann Deacon
Christos & Sophie
Patty Feist
Marjorie Field-Robinson
The Honourable Ross & Linda Fitzpatrick
Alex Fong
Joyce Fromson
Diana Funk
Clayton & Shannon Gall
Brad Golden & Lynne Eichenberg
Francine Gravel & William Knutsen
Michael Griffin & Clare McManus
Marian Grimwood
Carl Hare
Eva Hay
Fern Helfand
Gerry Hewitt
Dirk Hiel
Kara & Jason James
Robert Jenkins
Trent & Ria Kitsch
Joe & Jessica Klein
Paul LaGrange & Olivia Walsh
Phil Lind
Win Lowell
Rowena Lunn
Sheila Mackenzie-Brown
Clarence & Kerstin Manders
Barbara Jo May
Barbara McAlpine
Louise Miles
Paul & Tracy Mitchell
Janet Montgomery
Susan Morrison
Paul Mulvihill
Patricia Munro & Peter Chataway
Magda Mutch
Nataley Nagy & John Grimes
Patricia & Harvey Nelson
Patrick Ng
June Nicolay & Alf Him
Herbert & Elisabeth Obst
Mark Ocampo
Neli Odarijew
Jessica Orlowski
Doug & Deborah Owram
Alice Pallett
Frances & Ernest Park
Cherryl & Bruce Plaxton
Diana Pratt-Johnson
Susan Protsack
Kathy & Jim Rogers
Dr. Anita Ross
David & Camille Saltman
Lori Samuels
Judith K Schwarz
Louise Selby
Chantal Shah
Agnes Shewring
Robert Smithson
Verne Smythe & Barbara Bowmar
Richard Suarez
Candace Surette
Andy Sylvester
Takao Tanabe & Anona Thorne
Geoff & Aleasa Tasker
Jim Theriault & Sheila Roth
Stoke & Lori Tonne
Seija Van Kranendonk
Wes Vickrey
Janis Wankling & Josh Craddock
Susan Whitney & Gerald Kraus
Peter & Jan Wilson
Dawn & Brian Wrightson

Donors to the Permanent Collection

Fern Helfand
Terrence Keough
Ann Kipling
Phil Lind
Jack McCuaig
Paul & Joan Whitney

Promised Gifts to the Collection

Robert & Susan Belton

Exhibition Sponsors

Raymond James Ltd.
Benson Law LLP
University of British Columbia Okanagan
RBC PH&N Investment Counsel
RBC Private Banking
Pushor Mitchell LLP
Engel & Völkers – Richard James Deacon
Kitsch Wines
The Walrus

Official Sponsor of Family Sundays

DTEC Services

Official Wine & Beer Partners

Mission Hill Family Estate
BNA Brewing Co.


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