One on One

Jenny Western with Kenneth Lavallee: Man and Nature

April 12 to June 29, 2014


The Kelowna Art Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition series to be installed annually in our Mardell G Reynolds Gallery space. One on One will be curated each year by an emerging Aboriginal curator. This individual will select an emerging Canadian Aboriginal artist with whom s/he is interested in working. It is intended that both the curator and artist will be on hand for the installation and opening of the exhibition.

This year Winnipeg-based independent curator Jenny Western has selected artist Kenneth Lavallee to work with in producing an exhibition here. Lavallee is a painter, also living and working in Winnipeg. Lavallee will be working on a new body of work for this exhibition/installation. He and Western have been speaking together of their Man and Nature exhibition title, using the bygone term “man” ironically, in reference to the culture of the mid-twentieth century.

A PDF with more installation images, curatorial essay and selected biographies is available to view. [<<<Click Here]


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