March 24 to August, 2012 in our Rotary Courtyard

An outdoor installation of works by printmaking students at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus.

The exhibition features twenty-five nine-foot-high banners on which the artists have imprinted their entire bodies, obscuring their faces with objects that are meant to provide some clue about their characters and identities.

The project Incognito asked the participating UBCO printmaking students to reveal something of themselves not through their own likeness but through a kind of mask.  Each student was asked to conceal their face with an object or a possession that would provide some clue about their character, their likes, dislikes or the things they hold most dear.  The viewer is left to interpret those clues for themselves.  How much can we tell about the individuals in this group without the benefit of facial recognition or the use of colour?  How do we make assumptions about a person’s character from the way they dress or the things they possess?  The world is a complex place and we have all become adept at piecing together disparate bits of information as we construct complex narratives about the people and things that surround us.

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