Jasmine Reimer: 1000 lbs. 3 Days

Dysfunctional Chairs series
December 18, 2010 to June 12, 2011

Vancouver-based artist Jasmine Reimer is interested in the human body and how our culture’s largely sedentary lifestyle encourages obesity. Exacerbated by long hours in office chairs, some people’s bodies suffer and succumb to the stress under which they are placed day after day. For her installation in our Dysfunctional Chairs series Reimer explores the virtual colonization of the corpulent, strained body by the standard office chair. Using fragments of discarded office chairs paired with sand-filled fabric forms, Reimer creates weirdly provocative sculptures, visceral visual metaphors for the way many of us feel at the end of the week at our desks working on a computer. Sometimes strangely beautiful, at other times kooky and even light-hearted, this group of components purports to be more than the sum of its parts, and will certainly have viewers “getting it” readily and with understanding.

For our Dysfunctional Chairs series, The Kelowna Art Gallery acknowledges the support of the Vancouver Foundation.

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