Family Sundays

Join us every Sunday from 1-4 pm at the Kelowna Art Gallery for
Family Sundays.

Through hands-on activities, helpful instructions, and age-appropriate information and questions, Family Sundays opens up the world of art and artists for children and adults by providing opportunities to engage, discover, and create.

Family Sundays are open to the public every Sunday from 1-4 pm.
Cost is $4 per person, which includes participation in the activity and gallery admission.

Contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 for more information. Click here to receive updates and information about Family Sundays art activities.

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November 26 | Painting with Pastels
This week we will explore Howard Podeswa’s painterly aesthetic using oil pastels to create an imaginative circular image.

Saturday, December 2 | Starlight Lantern Making | 11 to 4 pm | Cost $4
Light up the town with these pretty paper lanterns. We will use a variety of decorative papers to construct a lantern that casts interesting patterns and a warm glow. This activity runs 11 to 4 pm and costs $4.

December 3 | Mixed Media Holiday Cards
Join us for an afternoon of mixed media card making! This week we will transform a variety of materials from buttons to paint chips into unique holiday cards.

December 10 | Gingerbread Masterpieces
Using gingerbread cookies as a canvas and icing as a painting medium, participants will create delicious masterpieces inspired by contemporary art movements.

December 17 | Wintery Landscapes
Brighten up a dull winter afternoon with watercolour resist painting. Visitors will take inspiration from snowy landscapes to create a vibrant masterpiece using oil pastels and a watercolour wash technique.


January 7 | Paper Weavings
This week participants will use inspiration from Jane Kidd’s exhibition Curious and fuse together found imagery and text from magazines to create intricate paper weavings.

January 14 | Tissue Paper Landscapes
Referencing the imagery in Myron Campbell’s Ghosts of Robert Lake exhibition, young artists will collage tissue papers to create marshy landscapes.

January 21 | Monochromatic Portraits
Taking inspiration from the visual style of Gary Pearson’s renderings of people, participants will create a striking black and white self portrait by blending oil pastels on canvas.

January 28 | Thumbprint Landscape Painting
Using the landscape paintings featured in Joice Hall’s Haida Gwaii exhibition as our inspiration, we will get our hands messy to paint stunning vistas.

February 4 | Sketching with Ink
This week participants will bundle up and explore Dylan Ranney’s Refuge exhibition.  Afterwards, we will create a wintery sketch of the garden installation using cool tones of watercolour paints and India ink.

February 11 | Emoji Card Making
Young artists will express themselves with a fun combination of modern technology and analogue materials.  Using a variety of construction and decorative papers, young artists will create unique emoji-inspired Valentines cards.

Monday, February 12 | Family Day

February 18 | Exploring Perspective
Taking inspiration from Gary Pearson’s Short Fictions exhibition, participants will use a selection of drawing materials to create images on multiple sheets of translucent paper.  These sheets will then be layered to create the effect of depth.

February 25 | Wide Angle Painting
Working with long horizontal sheets of watercolour paper and paints, participants will create a vibrant panoramic image evoking the landscape imagery of Joice Hall’s Haida Gwaii exhibition.

March 4 | Dioramas in the Wild
Using the forest and wildlife imagery featured in Julie Oakes’ paintings as inspiration, young artists will create fantastic woodland dioramas using a variety of decorative papers and dry media.

March 11 | DIY Stamps
This week participants will explore the patterns found within Gary Pearson’s landscape works featured in the Short Fictions exhibition.  Using organic shapes from nature as a guide, participants will create DIY stamps and landscape prints.

March 18 | Exploring Dry Media
Taking inspiration from Dylan Ranney’s Refuge exhibition, young artists will experiment with a selection of dry media to draw their own garden or place of refuge.

March 25 | Printmaking for Beginners
To celebrate the launch of the Okanagan Print Triennial exhibition, participants will explore the medium of printmaking.  This week we will use a selection of everyday objects to create prints on paper with abstract lines, shapes and patterns.

April 1 | Chick and Bunny Weavings
This week young artists will work with pretty pastel yarns and paper plates to create festive Easter weavings in the shape of baby chicks and bunnies.

April 8 | Mixed Media Forests
Inspired by the works featured in Julie Oakes’ exhibition at the Airport Satellite space, participants will craft woodland scenes using mixed media materials to create depth and texture.

April 15 | Painting with Nature
This week participants will incorporate a variety of found natural materials into their painting practice.  Using acrylic paints, mini canvasses, sticks, leaves and flowers, we will create vibrant works referencing the themes of this year’s Art in Action exhibition.

April 22 | Relief Printmaking
Taking inspiration from the Okanagan Print Triennial, young artists will learn the process of relief printmaking.  Detailed works on printmaking paper will be created using foam plates, pencils and block printing inks.

April 29 | Upcycled Notebooks
This week participants will work with a variety of found and recycled materials, referencing the themes of this year’s Art in Action exhibition, to create customized notebooks.

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