Family Sundays

Join us every Sunday from 1-4 pm at the Kelowna Art Gallery for
Family Sundays.

Through hands-on activities, helpful instructions, and age-appropriate information and questions, Family Sundays opens up the world of art and artists for children and adults by providing opportunities to engage, discover, and create.

Family Sundays are open to the public every Sunday from 1-4 pm.
Cost is $4 per person, which includes participation in the activity and gallery admission.

Contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 for more information. Click here to receive updates and information about Family Sundays art activities.

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Apr 24 | Pot a Plant!
Spring is in the air, plant a seed and decorate a pot!

For the Month of May the Kelowna Art Gallery will be a site for Asian Heritage Month Celebrations.

May 1 | Get to Know contest
Join us for a special Family Sunday event in conjunction with the Get to Know wildlife contest. Participants will draw inspiration from the main exhibition, John Hall: Travelling Light: A forty-five-year survey of paintings, to create still life paintings inspired by nature, reflecting on the importance of the environment and our natural world.   Participants may enter their work of art into the Get to Know competition, and their art will be featured on the Central Okanagan Gallery on the Get to Know website. There will be a prize draw for an Art Adventures supper art camp of your choice! In addition, we will be offering family-friendly tours of the exhibitions on display.

May 8 | Paper Lotus Flower
Explore the world of origami! Choose from a variety of papers, and with some clever folding you will create delicate paper lotus flowers.

May 15 | Filipino Parols
With some straws and string, we will make colourful star-shaped Filipino ornaments that are sure to brighten up any space in your home.

May 22 | Woodblock Prints
Celebrate Asian Heritage Month by creating your own print inspired by Japanese woodblock printing. Carve your design into a piece of styrofoam, roll some ink onto it, and then stamp it onto a piece of paper to reveal your image.

May 29 | Traditional Korean Lantern
Learn about Korean culture! Using traditional papers and materials, we will construct beautiful Korean lanterns.

June 5 | Marble-ous Paintings
We will be taking inspiration from our exhibition John Hall: Travelling Light: A forty-five-year survey of paintings and using plastic wrap and watercolours, we will create paintings inspired by the shapes and colours found in marbles.

 June 12 | Photo-weavings
Inspired by Krista Belle Stewart’s work, on display in the exhibition Work to Rule, we will create weavings made out of photographs.

June 19 | Printmaking Rules!
Printmaking 101! We will learn the basics of the art of printmaking, while creating unique mono prints.

June 26 | Pet Rock
Decorate a rock with the design of your choice, inspired by John Hall’s Six Stones Series in the exhibition John Hall: Travelling Light. It can be a person, an animal, or just a fun design!

July 3 | Art Buckets
To pay tribute to the last day of Krista Belle Stewart’s exhibition Work to Rule, you will be decorating your own buckets using paint, which you can then take home to use as a holder for your art supplies.

July 10 | Dog Sculptures
Create your own dog figurine à la Susan Menzies: Wally Dugs. Cut out cardboard and decorate it to make a sculpture of your favourite dog.

July 17 | “Tortilla” Drawings
Instead of using tortillas as artist Deborah Koenker did, we will use paper plates to make drawings that represent your life.

July 24 | Puppy Paintings
Inspired by Susan Menzies’ exhibition Wally Dugs, you will be making a portrait of your dog, your friends’ dog, or you favourite breed of dog, using watercolour paints.

July 31 | I LOVE BC
Celebrate BC Day at the Kelowna Art Gallery! Using the printing press,  we will make colourful prints that symbolize our favourite part of living in this beautiful province.

August 7 | Apple Stamp Orchard
Taking inspiration from Deborah Koenker’s exhibition Grapes and Tortillas: Mexican Migrant Farmworkers HERE, you will be making your own orchard scene using apples as stamps.

August 14 | Leaf Garlands
Use nature as art just as Rena Warren and Wanda Lock have in their Rotary Courtyard installation Escape Artists and create your own natural garland using string and leaves.

August 21 | To Bee or not to Bee
Inspired by the exhibition in our Front Project space, For All if For Yourself, we will be making mono-prints inspired by bees!

August 28 | Sun Mobile
Make your own ray of sunshine! Using paper plates, paint, construction paper, and string, you will create your own hanging sun sculpture inspired by Heidi Thompson’s installation at the Kelowna International Airport, OK Sunshine.

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