Family Sundays

Join us every Sunday from 1-4 pm at the Kelowna Art Gallery for
Family Sundays.

Through hands-on activities, helpful instructions, and age-appropriate information and questions, Family Sundays opens up the world of art and artists for children and adults by providing opportunities to engage, discover, and create.

Family Sundays are open to the public every Sunday from 1-4 pm.
Cost is $4 per person, which includes participation in the activity and gallery admission.

Contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 for more information. Click here to receive updates and information about Family Sundays art activities.

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January 1 | Closed

January 8 | Build a Tiny Home
Taking ideas from Germaine Koh’s exhibition, Home Made Home, we will design and build our own unique tiny homes out of construction paper.

January 15 | Caged Critters
Have you checked out the Courtyard installation Escape Artists and wondered what exactly may have escaped from the garden? Use your imagination and create your own caged critter using pipe cleaners and puff balls.

January 22 | Expressionist Landscapes

Exploring the artist David Alexander’s style in the Drawing from Life group exhibition, we will create oil pastel and charcoal landscape drawings mirroring the artist’s expressive mark-making.

January 29 | Smudgy Silhouettes
Using charcoal and graphite as do the artists in the Drawing from Life group exhibition, we will explore techniques with these media to create funky silhouettes.

February 5 | Pop-Up Micro Homes   

As with Germaine Koh’s Home Made Home installation, we will make a pop-up card that will turn into a one-bedroom micro home when you open it!

February 12 | SweetHEARTS
Come and make a card for the sweethearts in your life. We will take inspiration from Angelika Jaeger’s exhibition at our satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport and create mixed-media cards just in time for Valentine’s Day.

February 13 | Family Day: FABstract printmaking
Taking inspiration from the exhibition Fabrications, we will be using fabric to create colourful abstract monotype prints that will explore form and texture.

February 19 | Hard Soft Sculptures     
Using a glue mixture, participants will create an abstract solid fabric sculpture. The fabric will be sculpted to freeze in whatever shape the artist chooses, and will appear to be in constant motion in spite of staying still!

February 26 | Majestic Mini Canvas
Participants will paint a set of cute miniature canvases. We will explore unique ways to combine these canvases to create a single exquisite work.

March 5 | “Up-cycled” Heart Art               
Inspired by Angelika Jaeger’s Wanderlust installation at the satellite space at the Kelowna International Airport, we will create heart sculptures using recycled materials like newspaper, fabric, and cardboard.

March 12 | Painterly Portraits
Reshape your favorite people with these wild stylized portraits inspired by the Double Vision exhibition by Connor Charlesworth and Malcolm McCormick.

March 19 | Northern Lights Nightscapes
Working on black construction paper with pastels and studying drawing techniques, we will create a night-time landscape featuring the Northern Lights.

March 26 | Paintbrush Portraits
Today we are putting a twist on painting by turning a plain paintbrush into a self portrait sculpture!

April 2 | Reductive Bug and Butterfly Prints
Using reductive printmaking techniques, visitors will carve their own plates and put them through the printing press to create multicolored crazy critters.

April 9 | 3-D Line Sculptures
We will use paper to transform funky line doodles into colorful 3-D sculptures.

April 16 | Easter Sunday: Bunny Headbands
It’s time to hop into spring! Using wire, pipe cleaners, and ribbons we will create unique and wearable bunny ears to celebrate Easter.

April 23 | 3-D Flower Paintings
Make a painting that comes to life! We will be making flowers that bloom right off the canvas board with a combination of paint, paper, tissue, and assorted miniature decorations.

April 30 | Canadian Landscapes
Make like the artist Lawren Harris and paint the great Canadian landscape! We will be exploring the use of complementary colours, and techniques with acrylic paint.

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