Illegal: Let Us Live

Illegal: Let Us Live

Written by Greg Younging (Opsakwayak Cree)
Developed for performance by Mariel Belanger (Syilx)

Thursday, July 25, 2019 | 6 pm

Please join us for a special Performance by Mariel Belanger

Illegal: Let us Live is a multimedia performative labour with images and voice projection exploring issues related to Indigenous laws about the land, and ways that laws interrelate to the land—interspersed with commentary about the suppression and survival of Indigenous laws. As a historical embodiment, it challenges the colonial imposition, forced displacement, diaspora, and the importance of telling our intergenerational truths and speaking out against genocidal practices and laws. In this performance the artist is the embodiment of Mother Earth, transitioning through the story, as she portrays the thematic tension within ‘belonging’ in contemporary Indigenous relationships to colonial patriarchy. This piece is a challenge; as it calls out for more diverse methods of resistance. This piece speaks to the colonial strategy of denial as it addresses its continuing divide and rule pathologies. In this performance names are named, telling a part of the whole truth that resists being told.

Refreshments and a reception will follow the performance. This performance is held in conjunction with Her Body Will Remember, which is on view until September 8, 2019.

Mariel Belanger is a Vernon-based artist dedicated to contributing to the growth of interdisciplinary performance arts as a method to engage Indigenous community, language, and culture that tells the stories of our time.



This event will be held at the Kelowna Art Gallery, located at 1315 Water St.
This event is open to members and guests by invitation.
RSVP’s are appreciated by Monday, July 22 to or call 250-762-2226.

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