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Keith Langergraber: Theatre of the Exploding Sun

ISBN 978-1-896749-67-9
Members: $12.00 | Non-members: $15.00 plus GST
note: there is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee added to purchases online.

This 104-page, full-colour exhibition catalogue contains essays by Liz Wylie, Ryan Doherty, Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Peter Morin, and Eton Corrasable, as well as reproductions of works of art.


KAG_Bill Rodgers_catalogue
Bill Rodgers: Journeyman: A Ten-Year Survey of Work

ISBN 978-1-896749-64-8
Members: $10.00 | Non-members: $12.00 plus GST
note: there is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee added to purchases online.

This 60-page, full-colour exhibition catalogue contains essays by Liz Wylie and Christine Sowiak, as well as an artist biography and reproductions of works of art.


Okanagan Print Triennial
ISBN 978-1-896749-57-0
Members: $15.00 | Non-members: $20.00 plus GST
note: there is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee.

This 156-page exhibition catalogue contains an essay by Tegan Forbes and all twenty artists’ statements, point-form biographies, and reproductions of each work.

David Alexander: The Shape of Place
Published for the Kelowna Art Gallery by McGill-Queen’s University Press
Edited by Liz Wylie
ISBN 978-0-7735-4035-4
Members/Non-members: $25.00 plus GST
note: there is a $5.00 flat rate shipping fee.

For the first time ever, the Kelowna Art Gallery has partnered with a book publisher, in this case the prestigious McGill-Queen’s University Press, for our newly released art book: David Alexander: The Shape of Place. The volume is a full-colour, full-length, multi-authored publication on Alexander’s art that complements his solo exhibition of the same name, on at the gallery until March 25, 2012. Reproductions of many of the artist’s major works, as well as small paintings and working drawings, are interpolated among texts by six authors that provide a range of insights into his work.

The Point Is: Pierre Coupey || Landon Mackenzie || Martin Pearce || Bernadette Phan || Bryan Ryley
ISBN 978-1-896749-55-6
Members: $10.50 | Non-members: $12.60

This catalogue accompanies an exhibition organized by Kelowna Art Gallery Curator, Liz Wylie, featuring recent work by five Canadian painters. These artists all work in the energized fold that exists when representation and abstraction (formerly opposite poles) overlap. The curatorial essay explores the advent and then history of abstraction in the twentieth century, and then discusses in detail the work of the five artists. All works in the exhibition have been reproduced in colour. Each artist has a statement and a point-form biography included.
Bryan Ryley has lived and worked in the Okanagan region since 1978. Martin Pearce works in Guelph, Ontario, and Bernadette Phan, Pierre Coupey, and Landon Mackenzie are all based in Vancouver.

Constructions of Identity: Recent Additions to the Permanent Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery
ISBN 978-1-896749-49-5
Members: $3.15 | Non-members: $5.25

This publication accompanied a show of new additions to the permanent collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery. The curator and writer is Liz Wylie. Works by eight artists are included: Rose Braun, Briar Craig, Cathy Daley, Jane Everett, Byron Johnston, Wanda Lock, Gary Pearson, and Bryan Ryley.
The essay looks back briefly over the history of portraiture in Western art. Each artist’s work is then discussed individually. Only a sampling of the works in the exhibition are reproduced, but these are all in colour.

We Are Artists
ISBN 978-1-896749-43-3
Members: $6.30 | Non-members: $8.40

This publication accompanied an exhibition of art by thirteen Kelowna-based artists who have developmental disabilities. It was organized by guest curator Sara Lige, who wrote the main text and conducted an interview (also published) with University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus art history professor, Carolyn MacHardy. The texts have been edited so that they are written in plain language. All artists have their photograph reproduced, as well as a large reproduction of their work, accompanied by the artist’s biographical information and statement. There are also colour installation photographs of the exhibition. Each artist had a painting installed, as well as an old chair and pair of shoes they had selected and painted on. This catalogue provides a good introductory look both at the field of and issues related to developmentally disabled adults who are visual artists.

MODULE: Eliza Au + Ian Johnston + Lylian Klimek
ISBN 978-1-896749-36-5
Members: $6.30| Non-members: $8.40

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition of the same title, curated by Liz Wylie, who wrote the essay in the publication. It describes the history of artists working in a modular manner through the twentieth century, then has a detailed discussion of the work by each of the three artists. Eliza Au is American and recently completed her MFA at Alfred University in Alfred, New York. She works mainly in ceramics. Lylian Klimek is based in Calgary where she has produced three-dimensional works in many materials over the course of her career. Ian Johnston lives and works in Nelson, BC, and works in many different media, including cast-off items. His background was originally in architecture, then in ceramics.
Each of these artists has periodically worked in a modular manner, that is, making larger works out of multiple smaller similar, if not identical components. Works, both current and past, by each of the three artists are reproduced in colour, as are works illustrating the curatorial essay by Constantin Brancusi, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, and Carl Andre.

ISBN 978-1-896749-33-4
Members: $8.40 | Non-members: $10.50

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition of works by artists associated with the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus in Kelowna, either as instructors or staff members. It includes a statement, photograph, and biography of each of the fifteen artists. Curator and writer for the show and catalogue was Liz Wylie. Each work of art in the exhibition is reproduced in black and white, and a black-and-white photograph of each artist is included. The works vary in approach and medium, from politically oriented, photo-based pieces, to traditional painting. Video, printmaking and sculpture are also included. The artists included are Briar Craig, Renay Egami, Johann Feught, Stephen Foster, Fern Helfand, Byron Johnston, Jim Kalnin, Maureen Lisle, Don Lyons, Mary Smith McCulloch, Gary Pearson, Bryan Ryley, Shawn Serfas, Michael V Smith/David Ellingsen, and Jim Tanner.

Derek Michael Besant: Fifteen Restless Nights
ISBN 978-1-896749-30-3
Members: $8.40 | Non-members: $10.50

This publication accompanied the Kelowna Art Gallery’s installation of this work by Calgary-based artist Derek Michael Besant. The text is by the gallery’s curator, Liz Wylie. There are also fifteen short fictional texts prepared for this show/publication by the award-winning Canadian writer Diane Schoemperlen.
To produce this series of work, Besant set out in 2005 to travel across Canada and stay in cheap, roadside motels. In the mornings he would observe other guests leaving in their cars and would try the doors of their recently vacated rooms. If these were unlocked, he went in with his camera, taking pictures of their tossed bedding. These black-and-white images were altered digitally, blown up and output onto large fabric panels for installation. The overall mood of the work is dark and eerie, reminiscent of film noir, with the mounds of sheets and quilts looking like other-worldly landscapes.
All works in the series/exhibition are reproduced.

Nexus: Histories and Communities
ISBN 978-1-896749-26-6
Members: $19.95 | Non-members: $25.20

This catalogue accompanied an exhibition that drew from the permanent collection to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Kelowna Art Gallery. It was organized by curator Liz Wylie, who wrote the main essay. Other short texts were written on specific works by community members, and a special contribution on the history of art and artists in modern Kelowna by Carolyn MacHardy is included. Every work in the show is reproduced in colour and in large format. The community contributions give a sense of the real relationships the residents have with art in the collection. The selected works were grouped into thematic clusters, which is how the book has been organized as well. Each of these is introduced with a text by Liz Wylie, which also discusses each work of art. This is a great go-to volume to see work by many artists working in the city and region of Kelowna, both in the past and in the contemporary period. However, nationally-known artists are included as well, for example, Guido Molinari, Alan Wood, Jack Shadbolt, Christos Dikeakos, Takao Tanabe, Greg Murdock, Margaret Priest, and Evan Penny.

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