Work to Rule

April 2 to July 3, 2016

This exhibition of recent and new works by Krista Belle Stewart uses conceptual abstraction as a strategy of intervention into representative documentary and archival sources. Stewart’s refined questioning of authenticity and the constructed images of Indigenous peoples are layered, re-imaging the image and fragmenting the narrative implied or imagined within the documentary context. Her de-contextualizing of documentary image-making and research-focused practice is a method of inserting her own agency in navigating cultural institutions.


Stewart’s focus on the documentary or archival source is not about the past, rather her extension of the idea of the archive and the aggregating of images, data and ideas are also located in online spaces. The virtual space functions in a type of non-time, neither past nor future – the virtual space is the immediate and escaping moment. Her work with the grid can also be thought of as pixels or woven threads, and all become points of non-time and constructions loaded with the information we bring to these spaces.

—Tania Willard, Guest Curator