The Big Picture

A selection of large-scale works drawn from the permanent collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery

April 29 to June 25, 2017 

David Alexander, Contrasted Day Drawing, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 57 x 80 in. Gift of the artist, 2016.

One hallmark aspect of modernist painting in the post World War II era of the last century was its increasing size, sometimes referred to as heroic. The Kelowna Art Gallery owns several works of art by living artists that have been executed in large scale, and has pulled them out of the vaults for this exhibition. This gives viewers the opportunity to consider scale, and what changes when an artist works in a large format. Fifteen pieces, some of which have not yet ever been exhibited, have been selected for inclusion. Other examples are old favourites, having entered the collection several years ago, and been shown previously. About half the artists with works in the exhibition are from the Okanagan and half are from other regions of Canada.

A folder-style black-and-white catalogue is being produced to accompany the show, with a text by the Gallery’s Curator.


Rose Braun, Departures, 2009, oil on galvanized steel, 48 x 144 in. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery, 2010.


Jane Everett, Polo Park VI, 2005, oil and charcoal on canvas, diptych, 48 x 144 in. Collection of the Kelowna Art Gallery, 2008.

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