Youth inSights

Youth inSights is an initiative conceived to engage teens who may be considering a career in the arts in a seven-month after-school art program beginning in January 2013 and running until June 2013.

[Download Application Form PDF]

Through a series of workshops, gallery projects and opportunities to work with local emerging and established artists, teens will get an up-close and personal look at what it is like to work as an artist and to work in the arts and culture sector. This program is designed to engage teens with local artists, to integrate them into the gallery setting by working on specific projects, and to teach them practical skills they can transfer to a University or employment setting.

All youth between the ages of 16 – 18 who live in Kelowna will be eligible to apply for the Youth inSights program. The application process will take place in October and November, with students required to submit the attached application form by Friday, December 21, 2012. At the beginning of January, eight to ten students will be selected to meet weekly for the following six months. During this time, the students will have a variety of opportunities that will include:

• visiting local studios and galleries
• meeting and working with emerging and established artists
• engaging in dialogue about contemporary art, and learning about a variety of artistic processes
• learning about the different types of galleries by visiting and speaking with the directors of local commercial and alternative galleries
• gaining in-depth knowledge about the Kelowna Art Gallery Through discussions with Kelowna Art Gallery staff
• an opportunity to display their artwork and learn about the processes involved in planning, marketing, and installing an exhibition


Application Deadline: Friday, December 21, 2012

[Download Application Form PDF]

Important Program Dates: Students will be contacted the week of December 10 – 14, 2012
The program will begin on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 4:30 at the
Kelowna Art Gallery

Time: Thursdays from 4:30 – 7:30 pm

Location: Various locations. Schedule TBC

Travel: Participants will be responsible for getting to and from venues

Fee: This program is cost $200.00. This fee includes your supplies and instructor fees.

Contact: Renée Burgess, Head of Public Programming at the Kelowna Art Gallery 762-2226 ext 310 or

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