Family Sundays

Join us every Sunday from 1-4 pm at the Kelowna Art Gallery for Family Sundays.

Through hands-on activities, helpful instructions, and age-appropriate information and questions, Family Sundays opens up the world of art and artists for children and adults by providing opportunities to engage, discover, and create.

Family Sundays are open to the public every Sunday from 1-4 pm.
Cost is $4 per person, which includes participation in the activity and gallery admission.

Contact the Gallery at 250-762-2226 for more information. Click here to receive updates and information about Family Sundays art activities.

The Kelowna Art Gallery acknowledges the generous support of Source Office Furnishings


July 6: Frim Fram Fruit Stamps!
In honour of the fruit season, participants will be printing with apples to create fruit-tastic stamp creations!

July 13: Tussie-Mussies
A tussie-mussie, or posy, is a small floral bouquet, thought to have originated in medieval times. They were most often given as gifts and were traditionally worn around the head or at the bodice. Draw, colour, and decorate an array of buds, blooms, and leaves to create your own beautiful paper tussie-mussie!

July 20: Mono-photo Prints
Explore places you’ve never experienced before! Inspired by the current exhibition Marc Siegner: Adaptation, participants will be making monoprints using images of exotic lands.

July 27: Homegrown Orchard Trees
Participants will create three-dimensional paper sculptures featuring arm-shaped trunks and finger-like leaves. Get creative with these ‘hand-grown’ sculptures!

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