Liz Woodside

Liz Woodside was born in Fernie, BC, and credits her early childhood for her affinity for nature. Her school-age years were spent in Vancouver and she studied Art in Merchandising at Langara College in Vancouver.

Woodside has been a resident of Kelowna since 1977. She has graduated from the Interior Design Program at Okanagan University College and worked in that field. She discovered the art of calligraphy and remains active in the Kelowna Calligraphers’ Guild. As a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, her work has been accepted in many juried shows, both in Kelowna and at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver. Woodside’s art is held in collections in the Netherlands, Germany, United States, and across Canada.

Woodside’s work has been reproduced on several occasions in Sumerset Studio magazine and she has been commissioned to design logos for various organizations and businesses.

“Whether working in watercolour, acrylic, or mixed media, I enjoy the layering process, the glazing over or layering on of many thin transparent layers of colour to create mystery and depth. I often integrate calligraphy into the layers, continuing to be amazed at the intuitive process and how a painting evolves. I have learned not to question the inspiration and often find confirmation for that expression upon completion of the work. Art allows me to experience the mystery of life. It becomes a communication vehicle for my spirit.”

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