Amy Burkard

Amy Burkard is a Kelowna-based sculptor and visual artist who has been presenting work professionally for over 10 years. Originally from Courtenay, BC, Burkard realized in her mid twenties that being a professional artist would be the best career she could envision. After completing her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2003, her creative voice as artist emerged. Guided by material curiosity, she continues to discover her dream.

Currently her practice involves what she has termed “open to experiment.” This describes her broad variety of interests, which include: clay, fibre, printmaking, marbling, painting, life drawing, and even digital printing. She states that her “artistic borders are open,” allowing a lot of room for experimentation and creative growth.

“Inspired by the magnificence and beauty of nature and my surroundings, I seek to capture the whimsical aspects and simplicity of form. Creating with clay, wool and other materials derived from nature, I take pleasure in the tactile and sensual qualities of these mediums. My sculptural forms can be viewed to have a utilitarian and or aesthetic purpose.

My recent fascination with felting began in the fall of 2009. Immediately consumed with this new process, my skills evolved quickly and I am still astonished with the variety of outcomes possible. It also became apparent to me that like clay, felting crosses the sometimes vague “boundaries” of art and craft and I again find a positive overlap. By the end of 2009 I began making “groupings” of felt sculptures that appeal to collectors and galleries alike.”

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