April 1 to July 9, 2017

Our annual One on One project is curated by an invited emerging Indigenous curator, who selects an emerging First Nations artist with whom s/he wishes to work. This year the Kelowna Art Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting works by Amy Malbeuf, who is a Métis visual artist from Rich Lake, Alberta. The exhibition, Inheritance, has been organized by independent curator Cathy Mattes, who is based in Sprucewoods, Manitoba. She is a Michif curator, writer, and art history professor at Brandon University, in Brandon, Manitoba.

Mattes writes: “The exhibition contains mixed-media works that evoke contemplation about the value of personal, cultural, and artistic inheritance to Indigenous artists. Originally from Lac La Biche, Alberta, Amy Malbeuf incorporates passed-down ancestral items such as trapping equipment and china to expose the cultural continuums that can be found within Michif (Metis) families when one looks closely. Referencing beading and moose hair tufting, and using tarp as a symbolic material of resistance and being on the land, Malbeuf further navigates and resists constricting colonial dressings. Presented together in the context of this exhibition, her art is both gentle encouragement and reminder that nurturing revolution can be traced and located in family, community, and the artistic actions taking place in the larger Indigenous art world.”