A Cultivating Journey: The Herman Levy Legacy

June 16 to October 28, 2018

Camille Pissarro (French/Français, 1830–1903), Pommiers en fleurs/Apple Trees, 1870, oil on canvas/huile sur toile, 45.7 × 55.3 cm, Gift of/Don de Herman H. Levy, 1984, McMaster Museum of Art


In 1984, Herman Herzog Levy made one of the most significant art donations to a university gallery in Canadian history. A Cultivating Journey presents important works from that original donation along with subsequent acquisitions from Levy’s bequest by the McMaster Museum of Art.

The earliest pieces in the exhibition date from the 16th century, including a number of etchings on paper by renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, while the most recent works are from the 1950s and 60s. In total, the seventy drawings, etchings, and paintings that comprise the exhibition span five centuries of visual art and offer viewers the opportunity to examine a variety of art movements and styles.

Of particular note, will be the chance for visitors to see paintings from eminent European artists such as Gustave Courbet, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Vincent van Gogh, among many others.

This will mark the first time works by many of these distinguished artists will be shown in Kelowna.

A Cultivating Journey reflects the remarkable acumen of Levy as a collector and offers visitors a cross-section of art history through the filter of his personal interests, which favoured Impressionist and Post- Impressionist landscapes portraits and still lifes.

The exhibition is organized and circulated by the McMaster Museum of Art and curated by Dr. Ihor Holubizky, Senior Curator.

This project is supported by the Museums Assistance Program at Canadian Heritage.


Opening Reception
Friday, June 15, 6 to 8 pm
This is a free event, open to members and guests by invitation.

Mary Beale (English/Anglaise, 1633–1699), Portrait of/de Charles Beale, c./v. 1660, oil on paper, later mounted to canvas/ huile sur papier marouflé sur toile, 39.3 × 31.2 cm, Gift of/Don de Herman H. Levy, 1984, McMaster Museum of Art


Vincent van Gogh (Dutch/Néerlandais, 1853–1890), Untitled, Still Life: Ginger Pot and Onions/Sans titre : Nature morte avec pot à gingembre et oignons, 1885, oil on canvas/huile sur toile, 34.5 × 49.5 cm, Gift of Herman Levy, Esq., OBE, 1984

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